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CME Editorial Board

The CME Editorial Board is an independent expert group that supports the senior management of CME and the local news teams in CME countries in all topics related to news, current affairs, and informative formats. It ensures compliance with CME’s Editorial Guidelines, communicates with stakeholders, and supports local news teams that constantly strive to improve their editorial quality.

Editorial Board Members

Hans Mahr

CME Senior News Consultant

Mr. Mahr is a leading Austrian/German journalist and media executive with more than 40 years of experience in the media business. He started as a reporter and was later the general manager of Kronen Zeitung, Austria’s leading newspaper. Later, he served as news director and editor-in-chief and deputy general manager at RTL, the biggest German TV network, with an impressive track record of innovations in commercial news, infotainment magazines, and sports, winning German and International TV Awards. He was also a board member of RTL Group in Luxembourg as an executive coordinator for group synergies. Mr. Mahr also provides consulting services to leading media houses including Bertelsmann, Red Bull, Time Warner, Axel Springer, and Ringier through his mahrmedia consultancy in Cologne and Vienna.

Matthias Settele

TV Expert & International Consultant

Mr. Settele was the general director of TV Markiza from 2013 to 2023, leveraging his 30 years of experience as a TV executive, writer, and journalist. He studied literature and history in Vienna, published three books, and started his career as a reporter at the public broadcaster ORF in Austria. This was followed by seven years at RTL Television in Cologne, Germany. He is also the founding CEO of SetTele Entertainment offering news, programming, and production consultation services in more than 20 markets across Europe for clients like Time Warner, RTL Group, and MTG. He has also held interim manager roles in Croatia, CEE, and Scandinavia / Baltics.

Roby Burke

Senior Media Consultant & Advisor

Mr. Burke has worked as a senior media consultant, adviser, and board member for 40 years. He also has experience as a journalist and executive at ABC News in Washington and New York, as well as the CEO of Worldwide Television News (WTN), a leading TV News agency with journalists and broadcast clients in 100+ countries distributing news, sports, entertainment, and current affairs content. Mr. Burke also served as president and COO of CME (2001-2007); chairman of Eastern European Media Holdings (EEMH); chairman of Oriel Ventures, a digital advertising software company; and he has acted as an adviser to mobile content distributors in sub-Saharan Africa.


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